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Sometimes it happens, that I cannot find a member (brick or visual object) within the Composer window. What is going wrong in this case?

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Members of a Composer page can be accidently or intentionally located outside the visible area of the Composer window. This can become a problem if you locate a brick left or on top of the start position of the canvas area, because it is not possible to scroll the Composer there. Since the Embedded Wizard Composer trades visible objects (text, rectangles, items, menus, etc.) in the same way as the bricks (variables, methods, fonts, constants, classes, properties, etc.), all members can be affected from this phenomenon. This article describes how to get back such a lost brick or object in the visible/scrollable Composer area.

  • If you recognize immediately that you have misplaced a brick or a visible object left or on top of the canvas area’s start position, the easiest solution is to use the undo function. For this command you can use the undo button in the toolbar. Another possibility is to use the context menu by clicking the right mouse button in the Composer window and select 'Undo'. A third possibility is to use the keyboard shortcut <CTRL + Z> which might be the quickest way to use the undo function. In all cases the lost brick or object appears again at its previous position.
  • If you did not recognize immediately that a brick or object was misplaced, the only way to get it back is to change manually the brick position in the inspector. Of course this requires knowing the name of the member to search for it in the Inspector’s member list. If you have found it, change the x and y position of the attribute 'Brick' or of the property 'Bounds' to a positive value. Afterwards it appears in the visible area and you can move it to the position of your choice by drag and drop.
  • The worst case might be if you don’t know the exact name of the member you are searching for. In this case the only chance is to check all members for their x and y position until you find a member with negative values in the attribute 'Brick' or in the property 'Bounds'.

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