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        I looked over the documentation and searched this website on this topic but couldn't find any mention of it. It's very important

for our project to show a cursor while the user is typing in a text box as the cursor can be moved horizontally with some direction keys etc.

Is this possible to do with EmWi with minimal effort?


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we provide a template implementing a text input control (a text editor). You can find this template in the Gallery Templates window  in the folder Components and it is named Text Editor. Just Drag-And-Drop the template to one of your Units. Thereupon a new component, containing the implementation of a text editor is added to your project. This component implement a blinking caret and all the necessary caret navigation including the possibility to move the caret with the finger, similarly to iOS or Android devices. Is it this what you are looking for?

The usage of this Text Editor component is demonstrated in the example Editor, you can open with the Open Example dialog.

Please see also the chapter Creating components from templates providing concept information how to use the provided templates.

Please note, with the brand new Embedded Wizard version 8.20 we have reworked the Text Editor template. Simplified it and added annotation to make the customer specific adaptations more simple.

Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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