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How is the font size calculated within Embedded Wizard?

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Especially in design specifications, if the font height is specified, it might be confusing that Embedded Wizard displays a different font height than shown in the specification document, even if you use exactly the specified font size.

Since the used tools for editing and graphics (Word, Photoshop, etc.) are mainly intended for creating printed media, they often consider additional logical units like the dpi (dots per inch) settings. Embedded Wizard however calculates the font size strictly to the pixel height. Therefore you might face a difference between text in screenshots or documents and the displayed text in your UI project. The solution is simple to change the font height in the attribute 'Height' of your font resource until it fits to the expected size.
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The size of a font is defined by the attribute 'Height' within a font resource. There you can define the resulting height of a font in pixel. Please consider, that the height of a font covers the complete 'Ascent' and 'Descent' area (including the space for accent characters), as shown in the following image:


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