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I'm devoloping a program in witch I receive a number and I need to associate this number with a string. The problem is the enormous quantity of numbers and strings that i need to associate.



I receive the number 520000 and 520001

I have already define a string with the name "xpto1" and another one with xpto2 (With 4 different languages)

The number 520000 is associated with the string xpto1 and the number 520001 is associated with the string xpto2.



Is there any way, efficient, where I can define the index in the string xpto1 equivelent to the number 520000 and xpto2 to 5200001?


Thank You.


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a language feature supporting such kind of mapping is not available. I would use the switch-case statement to select depending on the provided number one of the available strings. If the string is stored in a localized, multilingual constant, the implementation will automatically provide the right language version for the string. Such switch-case mapping could look like this:

var string theString = "";

switch ( theID )
  case 520000 : theString = YourUnit::xpto1;
  case 520001 : theString = YourUnit::xpto2;

Best regards

Paul Banach


Thank you so much for the help, Paul.

I will implement it that way.

Best Regards


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