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asked Oct 21, 2015 in Embedded Wizard Studio by Customer
Can you give some recommendations for fonts that are suitable for UI projects? Are there special fonts offered for Embedded Wizard?

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answered Oct 21, 2015 by EmWi Support
First of all, there are several (free) fonts available in the internet which are suitable for UI projects with a very good readability and a modern appearance, like DejaVu Sans or Roboto.

Furthermore, we investigated several fonts for good readability in UI applications and we made a license agreement with Linotype to offer an Embedded Wizard font package. This license offers our customers the possibility to launch their products without expensive and difficult font licensing procedures. The font package contains 2 True Type fonts (Helvetica and Frutiger), each with normal and bold font weight. One font supports 48 Latin-based languages, the other font additionally supports Non-Latin languages like Greek and Cyrillic.

For a very small license fee (~300 EUR) our customers can use the Embedded Wizard generated bitmap glyphs of these fonts for mass production without limitation or further royalties. However, the license does not cover the usage of the TTFs with Platform Packages that have a True Type font engine integrated.

Even if the font package covers a wide range of characters, you should be aware that the fonts from the Embedded Wizard font package might not fulfill all customers’ requirements (e.g. there are some characters missing for the DTG certification for an EPG application, there are no Arabic or CJK characters covered for the Asian market, etc). In case of such requirements we recommend to contact directly to Linotype or any other font license holder who can fulfill these requirements.

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