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I have a Keyboard and have implemented all the behaviours using it (my making use of "Key Press Handler"). Now i need to do the same using a Virtual keyboard.

My question is, could I able to simulate the key event via a "Simple Touch Handler"? How can I do that ?

In the end, I wanted to continue my implementation only with keyboard and at the same time it should work also with virtual keyboard with no extra effort.



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Dear Maha,

please have a look to the provided example "Editor" that is installed together with Embedded Wizard Studio.

There you will find the integration of a virtual keyboard (class Editor::VirtualKeyboard). Each time the user is touching/releasing the virtual keyboard a key event is generated and sent to the application.

Is this what you are looking for?

Best regards,


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Hi Maha,

you can feed the application with keyboard events by using the root-object's method DriveKeyboardHitting().  This is exact the same interface, which is used to feed the application with events generated by a real hardware keyboard.

An example demonstrating its usage is implemented in two virtual keyboard component templates:

- Please see the chapter Creating components from templates to understand the concept of component templates.

- Now you can add to your project a new component from the template Alphanumeric Keyboard.

- Open the just added keyboard component, you will see following:

- Open the method activateKey. In the Code Editor you see its implementation including the usage of the above mentioned method DriveKeyboardHitting(). The method activateKey does exactly what you want. It feeds a keyboard event to the application according to the pressed key within the virtual keyboard:

Best regards

Paul Banach

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