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I'm trying to get the black right pointing traingle U+25B6 using the OpenSans font available via Google. I've included the hex code in the range definition of the font resource. But when I try to use it in a string "\x25B6", it shows up as a box. All the other symbols like trademark U+2122 etc seems to be working well. I'm stumped, please help. Thanks,

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if a font does not contain the glyph of the desired character code, the default character is displayed instead - which is typically a small rectangle (the "box").

Please ensure that your font OpenSans contains the character 0x25B6. You can use the Windows tool charmap.exe to inspect the font.

On my PC, the OpenSans does not contain a glyph for 0x25B6...

If you want to use the symbols from another font, you can create a virtual font resource.

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