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I haven't been able to find anything code dealing with input and output pins(specifically for touch screen raspberry pi)

For example if I click a button on the GUI and want to pull an output pin high. Or if I want to read a hardware pin to establish what color a label should be.

Any resources for this type of thing?

Thanks in advanced

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So far we do not have a ready to use example within the Raspberry Pi Build Environment that illustrates the integration with the underlying device. This is something that is still on our 'ToDo' List...

Nevertheless, there are two articles within our knowledge base that explains all necessary steps to make a proper device integration:

Integrating with the device

Device Class and Device Driver 

In order to access the digital or analog I/O pins on a Raspberry Pi board, you can use popular GPIO interface library like WiringPi.

I hope this helps...

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Dear Manfred, I try to integraed WiringPi library to my project via inline coed member but during sudo make in command rapsberry pi the system show undefined reference for function in wiringPi library. It is possible that the EmWiApplication failed to include <wiringPi.h>? If is so, how to properly include the libraly.



PS. I have included build result image.



You can use the Inline code member to add the #include directive.

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