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I want to create an instance of the time picker template, and place it on my LCD canvas. With widgets, it's easy, you just drag them onto the canvas. With the time icker, because it's a template, I can only drag it into the appllication unit. That is fine. But how do I create an object instance of the time picker, and place it on my GUI canvas?

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Hi Rob,

first you need to create your own time picker based on the component templates. As you already mentioned this can be done by placing the widget template into one of your units.

Then you can use the Browser page within the Gallery and search for your time picker class - and then you can drag&drop it into your component where you want to place the time picker.

See also the documentation about creating new embedded objects.

I hope this helps.

Best regards


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Hello Rob,

please see the section Add an instance of an existing GUI component.

Best regards

Paul banach

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