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I have a project with 2 profiles.
First profile for screen output in landscape format and the second profile for output in portrait format.
If I have the first profile active, the code generation works as expected.
But if I have the second profile active, the content of the DeviceClass is not generated.
Why? What could be the problem?

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it is very likely, that the code has been eliminated as explained in the chapters Generating code and Generator attribute. Embedded Wizard evaluates all dependencies between project members and excludes all unused members from the code generation. Since Embedded Wizard has no knowledge which of the members are eventually addressed from the native C code itself, these members are also eliminated. In such case you have to inform Embedded Wizard, that the affected members are used from the outside of Embedded Wizard project and they should not be eliminated.

If you are missing the entire Device Class please verify this class' attribute Generator. If you are missing only some methods, properties, etc. from this class, then verify the Generator attribute of these members. You can set the attributes to the value true. This forces an unconditional code generation. If you initialize the attributes with the name of a profile, then the members are forced for the code generation only when this profile is selected. Maybe, this is your case?

Hope it helps you further.

Best regards

Paul Banach

Hello Paul,

The problem was in the initialization of the attributes.
The "Generator" attribute was set only for the first profile.

Thank you.

Giuseppe Mangiameli

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