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asked Apr 8, 2018 in Embedded Wizard Studio by гоша

Hello !
How to solve the problem, along the path c:\Stm32\STM32F407-Discovery\PlatformPackage\ ,there is no folder RGB565A8, but there is RGB565.

Renamed to RGB565A8, solid errors.

Thank you.

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answered Apr 8, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer

please install the STM32 Platform Package (that you received after registration) - then you can choose the Platform Package 'STM.STM32.RGB565'.

Do not use the Platform Package 'Tara.Win32.RGB565A8' in order to generate code for STM32 targets. Do not mix Win32 with STM32!

Renaming of directories is not the solution...

Best regards,

commented Apr 9, 2018 by гоша

Thanks for answering.
You understood me wrong.
The translator apparently translates badly from Russian into English.

STM32F407- Discovery package is installed. What is the Platform Package 'Tara.Win32.RGB565A8 for Win, this is understandable. I did not use it.
After starting StartBuildEnvironment.bat and then > make install.
The compiler is looking for something, PlatformPackage \ RGB565A8, not RGB565.

On the photo he circled in yellow.

Thank you.

commented Apr 9, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer

It seems, that you changed some paths - this is not necessary and causes some problems.

Please make sure, that you have installed (according to the Getting Started document for STM32F407 Discovery)

Step 1: Embedded Wizard Studio

Step 2: STM32 Platform Package


Step 7: Build Environment for STM32F407

Then follow exactly the manual, there is no need to patch some paths. The provided Build Environment does not contain any references to RGB565A8. The reported error is caused due to some modifications.

Best regards,


commented Apr 11, 2018 by гоша
I can not generate the code.
I'll try to explain everything in detail.
Apparently what is downloaded for free, will not work in hardware.
Only to get acquainted with the program, and only in VIN32 mode.
Everything is installed in accordance with what is explained in the section:
We do as suggested.

Test number 1:
Launch Embedded Wizard, then select the project "Hello Ward".
What we see in the main settings of the project;
In the line PlatformPackage ----------> STM.STM32.RGB565
In the line OutputDirectors ----------> .. \ .. \ Template \ GeneratedCode
In the Post Process line ------------------> ............................ (here is empty)
We want to look at the Prototype, Press, Strel + F5, and .......... we get an error.

Fatal error: The file 'C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Embedded Wizard 8.30 \ Platforms \ STM \ STM32 \ RGB565' does not exist
[11.4.2018 16:10:48] Fatal error: Can not create the prototyping environment. The currently selected platform package 'STM.STM32.RGB565' does not provide the necessary graphics engine module 'graphicsengine.ewi'. Possibly the necessary platform is 'STM.STM32.RGB565' is invalid.

We understand that the prototype is only for Win32. We are in the configuration, the PlatformPatskage on Tara.Win32.Rgb565A8, only this is suitable for us.
Click Strl + F5, and ................. everything is fine, application on the monitor screen.

Okay, but we need code for STM32F407-Discovery.
Go Build> Create this profile or just press F8. (As advised)
We see that everything is fine.

[11.4.2018 20:36:43] Information: Generating code for the profile 'STM32' ...
[11.4.2018 20:36:44] Information: Deleting outdated files ...
[11.4.2018 20:36:44] Success: Done.

Next, we need the firmware. Go to the \ Build directory.
Open StartBuildEnvironment.bat
make install
What do we see in the window .................?
C: \ Stm32 \ STM32F407-Discovery \ Template \ Project \ GCC> make install
makefile: 61: ../../../PlatformPackage/Rgb565A8/ No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `../../../PlatformPackage/Rgb565A8/ '. Stop.

This is the description of the launch, from your site !!!

What I tried to explain in the screenshots.

The fact that, Embedded Wizard Studio, generates only Win32 code.
Using the PlatformPatskage, the path;
c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Embedded Wizard 8.30 \ Platforms \ Tara \ Win32. What is there in the folder ?;
folder  Index8
folder Rgb565A8
folder Rgba4444
folder Rgba8888

 A compiler tries to find along the way;
c: \ Stm32 \ STM32F407-Discovery \ PlatformPackage \ ------------> folder Rgb565A8

Therefore, the compiler from the GCC package AWP gives an error.
After all, it is not possible to compile directly into the code for STM32 from the blanks for Vin32, without any specific software.
It is obvious.
Conclusion, or on the site the wrong description.
Or PlatformPatskage ----- Rgb565, for Embedded Wizard Studio, paid and not provided.
commented Apr 11, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer


the solution is quite simple - please install the STM32 Platform Package. After registration on our website, you got a link to download the file STM_STM32_PlatformPackage.msi.

Please install this Platform Package setup, then you will be able to prototype for STM32 and generate code for STM32 target.

After installation, you will find the Platform Package under

c: \ Program Files (x86) \ Embedded Wizard 8.30 \ Platforms \ STM \ STM32

Let me know if it works then.

Best regards,


commented Apr 13, 2018 by гоша
Hello !
A huge thank you. It helped a lot.
I admit, my mistake, that I did not install this package.
I launched, only the display from me from China, iLi 9341 240x 320 3.5 ". The image is triple, in the upper half of the screen.
Yesterday there was no time to figure it out. If I can not configure it, can I contact you?

With Kind Regards .
commented Apr 13, 2018 by гоша

I've done everything .
In line :
  / * memory access control 36h * /
   ILI9341_WriteReg (ILI9341_MAC);
   ILI9341_WriteData (0xE8); // 0xA8 mirror ; 0xC8 ??? ;  0x48 default
To my display, 0x48 is not suitable.
When 0xA8 is a mirror.
When 0xE8 is good.

commented Apr 13, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer
Congratulations! Looks good!

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