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Hi EmbeddedWizard Users,

Although my issue is IAR related I wonder if someone here has had similar issues. I have bought an NXP iMXRT1050-EVK board and wanted to get a nice GUI up and running, I found Embedded Wizard and have tried to run the demo tutorial https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-mimxrt1050-evk?v=8.30

There doesn't seem to be any issue building the HelloWorld example in EmbeddedWizard. I can open that resulting code in IAR and rebuild the entire project successfully. The next step involves changing SW7 dip switch settings to Off/On?Off/Off. I can see the iMXRT1050 device as a drive on my PC (D in my case) and drag my *.bin file from the EWARM folder into it....but I don't think that part works. At that point the file explorer window disappears.

If I reopen the File Explorer on D - there is nothing there except a DETAILS file, a PRODINFO file and a FAIL file (that indicates "The interface firmware FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU" ).

Any ideas would be really appreciated thank you.



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Hi Rod,

did you press the reset button (SW3) after changing SW7 dip switch settings from Off/On/On/Off to Off/On/Off/Off?

- Set the mini dip switch SW7 to Off, On, Off, Off and press the reset button (SW3).

- Copy the bin files to the root folder of that new mass storage. The binary gets now flashed. Be a little bit patient - the upload will take approximately 60 seconds.

- Set the mini dip switch SW7 to Off, On, On, Off and press the reset button again (SW3).



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