Screen Rotation 180° does not work.

asked Apr 26, 2018 in Embedded Wizard Studio by mangiameli
I have tried with the simple "Hello World" Application example the screen rotation 180° on a custom board with stm32f412 MCU.
In EW I set the property "ScreenOrientation = Rotated_180". Then compiled the application with compiler flag set to EW_SURFACE_ROTATION=180.
But at runtime I get the error message below. How can I fix this problem?


Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        [FATAL ERROR in ewextbmp_RGB565_RGBA8888.c:208]

The rotation of the bitmap resource 'ApplicationLogo' doesn't correspond to the configuration the Graphics Engine has been built for. Please verify whether the attribute 'ScreenOrientation' in your Embedded Wizard project does correctly conform the value of the define 'EW_SURFACE_ROTATION' used during the build process (e.g. within your MAKE file, etc.). You can also try to clean/rebuild your project.System halted! [HardFault_Handler]

Best Regards
G. Mangiameli

1 Answer

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answered Apr 26, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer

it seems that you are still using the library with orientation = 0 degrees instead of the library for 180 degrees (the one with -r180 in the name).

If you are using our template project (e.g. with make), then the selection of the library is done automatically.

Btw: The example "ScreenOrientation" is prepared to show one application in all four orientations.

Best regards,


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