is there a code formatter?

asked May 29, 2018 in Getting started by dazza666
Does EW have a code formatter? Or recommend a online formatter? Some of my code formatting is pretty poor, and I don't have a easy way to auto format it, any advice would be massively appreicated!

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answered May 29, 2018 by Paul Banach

No, there is no code formatter.

If your question refers the generated C code, you are free to use any formatters suitable for this purpose. However, we consider the generated code as an intermediate format not primarily intended to be read by human. So we do not see any meaningful necessity to reformat the code.

If you refer to the Chora code, then I see it as problematic. First at all you would need to program a formatter, which can understand Chora. Since there is no integration in EmWi for such formatters, you would need to invoke it separately.

Best regards

Paul Banach
commented May 29, 2018 by dazza666
Yes, I was referring to the Chora code! Ok, thats disappointing, I was hoping for a quick fix...

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