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I'm looking for some ready-to-use components for text editing and some kind of virutal keyboard. Is this available and how to handle the internationalization (keyboard-layout)?

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The Mosaic 2.0 class library contains a set of ready-to-use components to implement a text edit field, to use a virtual keyboard or to use a virtual numeric key input field.
Within your Embedded Wizard installation you will find the sample 'VirtualKeyboard'. It is located in the directory {UserDocumentFolder}\EmbeddedWizard\Examples_Mosaic20. This example demonstrates the implementation of a virtual keyboard component. Additionally, this implementation shows that the content of the single keys are loaded dynamically by assigning a complete "keyboard string". This means, every character of the string represents the content of the keyboard. Using this mechanism, the internationalization can be done by just exchanging the keyboard strings.
Additionally, within your Embedded Wizard installation you will find the sample \Examples_Mosaic20\Editor. This text editor sample demonstrates the implementation of a text edit box. You can insert the text directly by using the keyboard or by using the integrated virtual keyboard.

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