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We are trying a screen capure feature by saving the framebuffer data to file. It works fine sometimes but other times the capured image is from a previous screen. I am guessing this is because the previous framebuffer is used. How can I access the current framebuffer on display in Embedded Wizard? Currently Embedded Wizard is responsible for the UI but is not directly involved in saving the framebuffer data.

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Hello Steven,

I assume your system is working in double-buffering mode. If you are reading the framebuffer content for your screen capture feature always from the same address, you will read sometimes the frontbuffer (= the current screen content) and sometimes the backbuffer (= the previous screen content).

In order to access always the currently visible framebuffer, please have a look into the module ew_bsp_display.c which you will find in the subdirectory /TargetSpecific of our Build Environments.

The variable CurrentFramebufferAddress contains the start address you are looking for - it is updated via the function EwBspSetFramebufferAddress() after the screen has been redrawn.

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Hello Manfred

Thanks for your answer. The codes is modified to make use of CurrentFramebuffer and screen capture is working fine now.
Yes the system is working in double-buffer mode.

Thanks and regards

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