Is it possible to change the screen size of the STM32F746G-DISCO board?

asked Jul 29, 2018 in System Integration by glcerone


I would like to physically change the default LCD/Touch screen display on my STM32F746G-DISCO because I need a much larger display (let's a 10'' dysplay). I'm using the Embedded Wizard Studio (Evaluation Edition, version 8.10) for the GUI develpment. I'm thinking to follow, for example, this tutorial to change the display on my board.

The questions are:

  • What I have to change in my Embedded Wizard project to adapt my current GUI to the new display?
  • Is it possible still using the EW Evaluation Edition?
  • Is it feasible to do this without big modifications to my actual working code?

I'm planninng to follow this post but I'm a bit confused on where I can change the LTDC timing in the generated code and what are the parameters to change. Can someone be more clear?

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answered Jul 29, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer


first of all, let me recommend to update your Embedded Wizard Studio / Build Envrionment for the STM32F746 to the latest version. There are so many changes between version 8.10 and 9.00.

In order to change the display, let me refer to the article 'Bring-up on customer specific hardware' - which explains all the necessary steps when porting a provided Build Envrionment to a similar hardware.

Concerning your questions:

1.) From Embedded Wizard Studio point of view, it is necessary to change the attribute ScreenSize of the profile and to adapt your screen design in order to use the new space :-)

2.) Yes you can do that with the Free Evaluation Edition.

3.) Changing the display size makes only sense if you are using the new space. I think you will modify/redesign your sceens - the entire control logic will not change.

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