64Mb RAM memory

asked Aug 9, 2018 in System Integration by Zakharchenko
Good evening!
I want to make sure that my board, based on STM32F769NIH6 with 64Mb SDRAM (x32), could work with your software.
Is 64Mb memory enough to use Embedded Wizard?

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answered Aug 9, 2018 by Manfred Schweyer


of course, that's much memory.

Please let me refer to the following article: http://ask.embedded-wizard.de/6/what-minimum-memory-footprint-embedded-wizard-application

Maybe this answers already your question. In case of STM32F7 it is important to know, that our STM32 Platform Package is able to use bitmap and string resources directly from QSPI flash - this helps also to reduce the memory footprint dramatically.

You can try the software with an STM32F769 Discovery board.

Best regards,


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