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I'm trying to use your product on a Raspberry Pi Zero. I'm using the eval version 9.0

The demo Gui comes up but is only displayed on the HDMI output not the TFT display I have connected. The TFT display is not one sold by ada fruit. It is a generic 320 x 24 TFT display with an spi interface to the display and a second spi interface for the touch screen.

The hdmi display is being driven by frame buffer fb0. The TFT display is connected via an SPI interface and can be driven by frame buffer fb1.

Is there a way to configure your SW to use my TFT display?

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the provided Build Environment for Raspberry Pi is intended to be used on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in combination with the Raspberry Pi Touch Display 7". Other display combinations are not supported by this evaluation package.

The entire graphics rendering is done via OpenGL / EGL - you will find the initialization within the file main.c. If your hardware is configured so that the initialization of OpenGL / EGL will succeed, then Embedded Wizard GUI applications should run - there is no internal dependency to the framebuffer device.

Please take care to adapt the ScreenSize of your GUI application according the size of the display.

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