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I've seen some strange behaviour in a windows build of an application: (8.30  version of EW)

I have a Gui component that has a property 'DataSource' that takes a class type.

Inside the 'set method for the property':

// usual boilerplate...

pure DataSource = value;

attachobserver mySlot, ^DataSource.MyBoolProperty;

Inside the 'DataSource' class's 'onSetMyBoolProperty': (This is just a plain Chora class)

notifyobservers ^MyBoolProperty;

This is called after a timeout. via MyBoolProperty=true.

In the IDE emulation environment this works fine: after the timeout, the GuidClass.mySlot is called when notifyobservers is called.

When I build for windows, the slot is not called.

By adding a button to the GUI, I called 'notifyobservers' from within the GUI component (notifyobservers ^DataSource.MyBoolProperty'.

- this works in windows and simulation.

It seems that the 'notifyobservers' only works if called within the context of the GUI component.

Has anyone else seen this? (I've also checked the 'ref' passed into the EW C call and it's the same in both cases.)

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this sounds strange...

Is it possible to post this example here (you can use the 'Link' button (it has a chain symbol) and then upload the file)?

This would help to reproduce / analyze the story.

Thank you!

Thankyou Manfred,

I got to the bottom of this - the windows project was configured wrong so the file with the VMT being included was incorrect.


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