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I had to drag changing screen.


I wanna change screen if i push to user button(H/W).

Is it need to Device Class and Device Driver??


Because I want to need not touch, screen change just using button.




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the device class / device driver is only necessary if you want to interact with your hardware drivers (e.g. GPIO, ADC, CAN, ....).

If you want to insert push buttons like a keyboard, then you can adapt the main loop and insert the button press as a key event.

Let's assume you have two hardware buttons: One for left and one for right navigation. Within your main.c you can adapt the function that translates the standard keyboard codes into key events: When your left button is pressed you can insert CoreKeyCodeLeft and when your right button is pressed you can insert CoreKeyCodeRight.

The advantage is, that you can easily test your application within the Prototyper by pressing the corresponding keys on the keyboard (e.g. left / right).

I hope this answers your question.

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every time, Thank you for your answer.

 I finished change screen1<->screen2<->screen3 using adc value. just using timer and slot...

But is it correct??

So do you have another method??

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