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Dear all,

I'm  drawing GUI on screen 7'' of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B as guide: https://doc.embedded-wizard.de/getting-started-raspberrypi?v=9.00

And I want to draw GUI on screen 10'' of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B: http://wiki.sunfounder.cc/index.php?title=10.1_Inch_Touch_Screen_for_Raspberry_Pi.

But I see that this Raspberry Pi Touch Display 10" connect to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B through HDMI.

So I have a question:

Can I draw GUI on Raspberry Pi Touch Display 10" connect to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B through HDMI?

If maybe, Could you guide me,please?



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Hello Tung,

in principle it should work - please have a look to this question covering same topic.

Best regards,


You mean that I only need configured in config.txt to support HDMI instead of LVDS then it works, right ?



In principal yes - but I did not test it.

The original 7" Raspberry Pi Display is the one and only display that is supported out-of-the-box by our Build Environment and this combination is tested.

I heard that others are using the HDMI connection - maybe they can report their experiences here.

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