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I using to STM32F429 Discovery Board

I program to using Embedded Wizard and Truestudio.


I have a problem.

When convert Embeddd Wizard Project(Build) to Truestudio Porject(C) (Make install) , the board is full in flash memory...


I want to add more image , action , ect.....

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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due to the fact that the STM32F429 does not support QSPI flash, the entire application and all resources have to be located into the internal flash memory.

In order to save flash memory, please take care that the FormatOfBitmapResources and the FormatOfStringConstants is set to Compressed.

Additional hints to reduce the code size can be found in this article.

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If i using to stm32f769 discovery with sd card, is it a possible???

Unfortunately, the SD card is not in the address range of the CPU - so it is not possible for the linker / locator to place code or resources into the SD card.

However, if you want to put images into your SD card, you can implement your own image loader by using the ExternBitmap infrastructure.

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