Hard Fault on STM32F469-Disco

asked Dec 1, 2018 in System Integration by gabChouin
I am currently trying to use Atollic TrueStudio to build and debug code running on the STM32F469-Disco. I am using the 9.10 Embedded Wizard package with the provided project file. When I install the application from the StartGccBuildEnvironment.bat, it works but I can't debug my code. When using the Atollic Truestudio project, I end up in the HardFault_Handler.

When I use my project, I get to :

Create UI thread...                          [OK]
Initialize Display...                        [OK]
Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...   System halted! [HardFault_Handler]

With the HelloWorld exemple, I get to :

Create UI thread...                          [OK]
Initialize Display...                        [OK]
Initialize Touch Driver...                   [OK]
Initialize Memory Manager...                 [OK]
Initialize Graphics Engine...                [OK]
Create Embedded Wizard Root Object...        [OK]
Create Embedded Wizard Viewport...           [OK]
Target system                                STM32F469-Discovery      
Color format                                 RGB565      
MemoryPool address                           0xC00BB800  
MemoryPool size                              15241216 bytes
Framebuffer address                          0xC0000000  
Doublebuffer address                         0xC0F44800  
Framebuffer size                             800 x 480
EwScreeenSize                                800 x 480
Graphics accelerator                         DMA2D      
Vector graphics support                      enabled      
Bidirectional text support                   enabled      
Operating system                             FreeRTOS      
External flash device                        QSPI Flash      
Linker section for bitmap pixel data         .SectionEwResource      
Linker section for font pixel data           .SectionEwResource      
Toolchain                                    GCC      
C-Compiler version                           6.3.1      
Build date and time                          Dec  1 2018, 15:09:45  
Runtime Environment (RTE) version            9.10
Graphics Engine (GFX) version                9.10
Max surface cache size                       4194304 bytes
Glyph cache size                             256 x 256
Max issue tasks                              100      
Surface rotation                             0      
System halted! [HardFault_Handler]


I followed the getting started guide for atollic, but I can't find why my setup is not working.

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answered Dec 2, 2018 by Tim Zierer


can you take a look at the version of TrueSTUDIO. We tested and recommend the newest Version (TrueSTUDIO 9.10).

ST requires an update for old st link components. With the newest version of TrueSTUDIO an dialog appears when your firmware is too old.

It could be that this check isn't included in older TrueSTUDIO Version and can cause problems with the debugger or in general with the flash process.


Kind regards


commented Dec 3, 2018 by gabChouin
I just updated atollic to 9.10 and did the update for the ST firmware. I unzipped a brand new  Project file and built the Hello World Example. Sadly, I still end up in the HardFault Handler.
commented Dec 4, 2018 by Tim Zierer

are you using your own GUI application or some of our built environments example?

Does the run process works correctly with your TrueStudio project?

Is the QSPI flash in use for your application?

Kind regards


commented Dec 4, 2018 by gabChouin
I downloaded the file STM32F469-Discovery.zip and opened the HelloWorld example. I added the PostProcess then built the project in the "GeneratedCode" folder. I then imported the Atollic Project, Built then launched debug. I use default project settings so yes the external QSPI flash is enabled. When I try to run the elf without debug, it gives me "Error starting process".
commented Dec 5, 2018 by Tim Zierer
Is under the "Error starting process" message anything else written?

Does the compiler process build the .elf file? This should be able to find in the "BUILD" folder.

If yes, can you attach the .elf artefact with you next request?

I would like to test the file with my Discovery board.


Kind regards


commented Dec 7, 2018 by gabChouin

It says "Cannot run program <mypath...>\ EmbeddedWizard-STM32F469-Discovery.elf : Launching failed


commented Dec 9, 2018 by Tim Zierer

Unfortunately I have to say that your uploaded .elf file works without any problem with my STM32F469-Discovery board. Also debugging is possible with TrueSTUDIO.

TrueSTUDIO often struggles with too long paths, can you try to place the related workspace directly into the c directory to verify that this is not the problem?

commented Dec 10, 2018 by gabChouin
I have found my problem. I missed the step that required to open the workplace in the right folder. I just had to change my gdb server port and it worked.

Thank you again for your support.

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