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I set Time (Clock) in my project.


1 min = 60 sec

but this time change about 45 sec to 1min.

why does time change different??

Is it system clcok configuration?

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normally the time base for the MCU in all comes from an internal or external oscillator.

I do not know if you are using an eval board from an chip manufacturer or an custom board.

But in case that you are using a custom board I would check the oscillator unit.

Otherwise can you verify that your software settings for the system clock has not been change while the code was running?
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If you are using a timer and this timer fires the event after 45 seconds instead of 60 seconds: Check the systick given to Embedded Wizard. In the "ewextrte.c":

unsigned long EwGetTicks ( void )
  return EmWiSystemTicks;

Make sure this tick counter ("EmWiSystemTicks) is set appropriately. You have to do this. If this tick counter is faster than 1ms (by about 25%) you will have a timer of 60 seconds fire the event 15 seconds too early like in your example.

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