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asked Dec 17, 2018 in Embedded Wizard Studio by DongdongA


Is there a parameter in Embedded Wizard Studio that can control whether the screen is displayed vertically or horizontally?

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answered Dec 17, 2018 by mli
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yes, please open your Embedded Wizard project and select a profile.

In the inspector window on the right side of Embedded Wizard Studio you will find the attribute ScreenOrientation.


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commented Dec 18, 2018 by DongdongA


   I tried looking for this attribute , but I couldn't find it. Is it because of the version? My version is 6.5.

commented Dec 18, 2018 by DongdongA


I found a macro related to ScreenOrientation at Embedded Wizard.

Problem solved.

commented Dec 18, 2018 by mli

is there a special reason to use version 6.5 of Embedded Wizard?

In general we recommend our customers to use the latest version.

Currently it is V9.10.


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commented Dec 20, 2018 by DongdongA


There is no immediate plan to update the Embedded Wizard as it is a very old project being maintained.

But I hope one day there will be such a plan, V9.10 is really great ;)!


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