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In my application, I've a widget (footer menu) that I'd like to be always displayed. Therefore, the widget is embedded in the application.

In the init method of the application, I create a dialog (main screen) that I display on screen via the PresentDialog method. However, by doing that, the bottom menu widget becomes invisible (it still receives touch inputs though).

I was expecting the RestackTop method to work to place my widget above the newly drawn dialog but it doesn't… And I can not present the bottom menu via another PresentDialog method because otherwise the main screen wouldn't get the touch input.

Which method can I invoke to make my widget appear on top of the main menu dialog ?


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the problem here, presenting a dialog changes the stacking order of the sibling components. One possible solution:

1. Create a new empty GUI component as big as the application component itself.

2. Add this component to your application component. It will serve as a kind of container for your dialog (or all other dialogs).

3. Arrange the new container component so that it lies behind your top-most menu component.

4. When you present a dialog, do it in context of the container component instead of the application component. For example:

Container.PresentDialog( dialog, ... );

The dialog component will thus be limited to the container component and will not affect the stacking order of the components within the application component. The menu component remains on top of the dialogs.

See also the section The methods: PresentDialog, DismissDialog and SwitchToDialog. It explaines the possibility of nesting dialogs within another components or even nesting of dialogs one inside another.

Does it help you?

Best regards

Paul Banach

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