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asked Jan 30 in GUI Development by harbottle
I find the IDE quite frustrating to use and would prefer to create classes using a text (Similar to Qt or Visual Studio) rather than having to drag blocks around.

Is there any future plan to allow developers to work like this?

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answered Jan 30 by Manfred Schweyer


in principle you can use any text editor of your choice and implement the project by text coding - all *.ewp and *.ewu files are readable text files. Furthermore, the Professional Edition of Embedded Wizard contains a comand line tool to compile the entire GUI application.

But anyway - from our point of view, it does not make much sense to develop a graphical user interface within a text editor.

The visual programming approach of Embedded Wizard is one of its key features, which makes development very comfortable, efficient and maintainable.

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commented Jan 31 by harbottle
You misunderstand me. I am not referring to designing to UI components. (Which I find to be excellent.)

Dragging a box onto the screen to add a method or property to a class is cumbersome and nonsensical as these are not graphical components. This is not visual 'programming' as you are not creating any logic graphically, merely adding 'code' which is text based anyway.

When adding methods to a class I would prefer to be able to just add them textually to the class within the IDE. This is particularly cumbersome when creating 'Model' classes that are not graphical components.

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