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I like Embedded Wizard Studio for the most part but the code editor seems to be missing some really useful features from modern IDEs like VS Code. Is there any way to extend / write plugins to add functionality?

In particular I would love to have: 

  • automatic formatting/indentation so that you don't have to worry about keeping things tidy
  • it is really odd is how you can click absolutely anywhere as if there was whitespace everywhere, normally when you click in empty space the cursor will land at the end of the current line
  • code completion could be a bit more aggressive, start suggesting as soon as you type one character
  • lint / code checking so that you discover errors before runtime



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Hello Nathanael,

actually there is no possibility to extend the functionality of the Code Editor used in Embedded Wizard Studio. We are aware that compared with other IDEs our editor is not so flexible and sophisticated. We plan to improve this part of our tool. In fact, most of your suggestions match already the items on our to-do list.

Best regards

Paul Banach
Fantastic, look forward to seeing some of those come through in later versions.



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