How to measure the time it takes to do an action on screen?

asked Feb 12, 2019 in System Integration by GuiliuG

I'd like to measure how long it takes for a specific action to be performed on screen (say to swap an image for another one for instance).

Any tips and hints to guide me on how I can accomplish that ?

Thanks in advance,


1 Answer

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answered Feb 12, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer

Hi Guillaume,

if you want make some performance measurements, there are several possibilities. 

In case you want to measure a timespan within your GUI application and it is sufficient to get the time in milliseconds, you can call the function EwGetTicks() within a piece of native code (at start and stop) and calculate the delta. This function returns the number of milliseconds since system start.

In case you want to use some precision timer from your underlying system, you can access the counter/timer registers also from some native code.

Best regards,


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