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With the LPCexpresso54628 example project there are pin_mux.c/h files. But no .mex file that MCUexpresso uses to track the MCUs pin configuration. Is there a .mex file someplace that has the pin config EW used?

[I tried to import the pin_mux.c file EW provides, to generate a .mex from it, bit MCUexpresso rejects the import of it for some unknown reason]

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Hi Mike,


at the generation of the Embedded Wizard LPC Example we didn't use a .mex file respectively the pin configuration tool of MCUXpresso. All pins has been directly configured just with in the pin_mux.c and pin_mux.h. I guess that this tool parses the pin_mux.c and pin_mux.h file to get the pin information. In case that the .c/.h file uses another syntax, it could be that this tool cannot generate a .mex with them.


Kind Regards



Tim, I figured out what is going on. There's a space missing from your pin_mux.c file for B13. This is preventing import. See image.


Unbelievable what a space can affect...
Seriously.  ... I updated the subject to better reflect the issue so others that stumble upon it can find this solution.
Uh O. There's a bigger issue. B13 and A2 are in the file 3 times, which causes conflicts. Which explains themissing space....bad cut and paste?!

 - {pin_num: A2, peripheral: FLEXCOMM0, signal: TXD_SCL_MISO, pin_signal: PIO0_30/FC0_TXD_SCL_MISO/CTIMER0_MAT0/SCT0_OUT9/TRACEDATA(1), mode: inactive, invert: disabled,
    glitch_filter: disabled, slew_rate: standard, open_drain: disabled}
  - {pin_num: B13, peripheral: FLEXCOMM0, signal: RXD_SDA_MOSI, pin_signal: PIO0_29/FC0_RXD_SDA_MOSI/CTIMER2_MAT3/SCT0_OUT8/TRACEDATA(2), mode: inactive, invert: disabled,
    glitch_filter: disabled, slew_rate: standard, open_drain: disabled}
Thats just the comment isn't it?

I have placed it on my ToDo list for the next release, thanks a lot for the info.
No, those are legit routing/config declarations that are duped. Oddly void BOARD_InitPins(void) is fine.

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