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What steps are necessary to get data of a "real" target for my UI application? How to control a certain device? How to get access to an underlying software API? What are the basic rules to create an interface to a dedicated hardware driver?

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Every GUI application is intended to run on a real system - so it needs to display some real data from a certain machine or it needs to control some activities of the underlying system.

Let me refer to the articles Integrating with the device and Device Class and Device Driver, both are part of our online documentation. They explain all basics about natvie code and the integration of external software APIs or hardware drivers.


Thank you for this very informative, detailed guide!
Though there remains one question:
when i do the implementation like this i get an
"warning: implicit declaration of function"
For each device driver function that is called from the UI because the DeviceDriver.h is not included by my Application.c.
Is there some way to make the header available in my application.c without manually adding it to the file after each build?
I also have enums defined in my device driver that i want to use within the native code segments, therefore this would come handy as well.
For this purpose you should use 'Inline Code' from the Gallery folder 'Chora'.
Here is a detailed description how to work with 'Inline Code':

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