How can set dialog in top layer

asked Mar 22 in GUI Development by Francessco

My GUI app need to be support keep some part (with animation) in parallel when screen transition.

Ex: I have setting and media screen. And I want to display calling status in both of them when transition.

How can I to do that ?

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answered Mar 22 by Paul Banach

Hello Francessco,

it is not very clear for me what you intent to achive. Do you want to display a separate component? If yes, you can show a GUI Component independently from the both Dialog components involved in the transition. If you want both Dialog components showing the same contents, you can design them accordingly dupplicating the shown contents. If the separate component should perform an animation during the Dialogs are in transition, implement the component as Dialog and present it simultanously with the transition. See the section Perform several Dialog transitions simultaneously.

Best regards

Paul Banach

commented Mar 23 by Francessco

@Paul: below is exactly what i need. Image X is keeped displaying in all of three screen

commented Mar 24 by Paul Banach

Hello Francessco,

you want the Image X being shown on top of the shown dialogs. The following thread addresses this application case GUI component on top of a dialog. Does it help you further?

Best regards

Paul Banach


commented Mar 25 by Francessco
Thx Paul. Let me try it !!!

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