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At present, we generate C code for our STM32 platform package in the normal way using the 9.x Pro IDE + Dongle as a regular manual activity.

We then commit the generated files to our version control system so they may be picked up by our CI Jenkins build process.

Is it possible to use a command line method to generate C code and run this action itself on the CI Jenkins server as an automatic step in the build process?

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Hi Niall,

In order to integrate the code generation process into an automated build process, you can use the so-called ChoraC command line compiler. Further information can be found here.



Hi Manuel,

When the Jenkins is not a physical machine, but a virtual machine there is the error about the USB Dongle.

Embedded Wizard CHORA Compiler version 9.00 (build 2633).
Copyright © TARA Systems GmbH
Written by Paul Banach and Manfred Schweyer

[5.4.2019 16:03:08] Fatal error : Missing Embedded Wizard USB dongle.

Is there a supported way to work around this restriction?


I think we can have Jenkins run this particular Job on a client physical Windows machine which can have a USB Dongle installed.
Hi Niall,

In fact, you would also need to route the USB dongle into the virtual machine from the physical host where the virtual machine is hosted.

Hope this helps,
best regards,

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