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I am using an STM32F407 MCU, but using a 480x272 touchscreen instead of the 320x240 touchscreen that is on the discovery board. Should I just make an empty project, or select the STM32F407 discovery board template and somehow change the screen resolution of the template? If so, how would I go about doing that?

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first of all you need a suitable display driver (like ILI9341, SSD2119,...) because the STM32F407 board uses an external display controller with its own graphics memory. This depends on your display. If you want to use touch inputs, then you need also a suitable touch driver.

If this prerequisite is fullfilled, then just change the display size within ewmain.c (FRAME_BUFFER_WIDTH and FRAME_BUFFER_HEIGHT) and then change the attribute ScreenSize within the Embedded Wizard GUI project, so that both have 480x272.

If you want to have a couple of GUI examples for 480x272 you can download the Build Environment for STM32F746 Discovery and just takte the /Example folder from there.

Finally, let me recommend the sections working with your own display and custom specific hardware of the article Getting Started with STM32F407 Discovery.

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