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I wonder how to develop animation like this above image. I know how to rotate icon calling using wrap image, but dont know how to create fade out of the  boder.

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in fact, I see one practical approach: use a multi-frameanimated Bitmap Resource for this purpose. It will be handled by an Image view automatically like a short video sequence. You don't need to implent a single line of code. However, this approach is useful fow small images. It is not practicable for large (especially full screen) contents. With large contents the animated image will occupy much memory.

Alternative approach: implement the animation by using Warp Image and/or Filled Path views. In principle, you can display the earphone as an image rotated by Warp Image or you can compose it as vector path. Also the green glow effect can be created by a bitmap or by using several Filled Path views (each with different opacity). The shape of the vector path (e.g. the radius of the ring) can change dynamically at the runtime.

If you intend to implement the animation by yourself, use the Timer object to trigger the animation.

Since the effect occupies a small screen area, I would use the option with animated bitmap. It is much simple and you can modify the effect by simply providing new bitmap.

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