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I need to develop a GUI for an embedded system but there are some restrictions with the display. The target display is a 15" 1024*768 18bit XGA display, the interfaces are a 1 channel LVDS and 5 wire resistive touch panel.

Is possible to set the graphics engine to fit the project needs? I'm planning to use the  i.MX RT1050 EVK evaluation board

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from Embedded Wizard point of view, there is no problem to drive a display with XGA (or higher) resolution. The Graphics Engine of Embedded Wizard is able to draw a GUI with 1024x768 pixel or any other size - as long as the hardware is able to do that.

I assume your question is more related to the physical layer - e.g. how to drive the LVDS display with a NXP RT1050 target. Since we have not tried this scenario, we cannot give you a relieable answer. Please try to get some help from NXP side.

From Embedded Wizard side, the framebuffer is the interface.

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