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Is possible drawing BLINK text by Views::Text class?

Following link is a video for demo, I would like to show the BLINK text on OSD and can assign the frequence of blinking.


Thank you.

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blinking of a text view (or other views) can be achieved very easy by using a bool effect that animates the property 'Visible' of the text.

That means:

  • Open the Gallery folder 'Effects' and drag a 'Change bool' effect into your UI component that contains the text view.
  • Configure the properties of the 'BoolEffect' according your needs: The property 'CycleDuration' defines the blinking time.
  • Set the property 'Outlet' to the visiblity property of your text view, e.g. '^Text.Visible' - this means, that the 'BoolEffect' will animate the property 'Visible' of the text view.
  • Set the property 'Enabled' to true in order to start the effect. This can be done at design time within the Inspector, then the text will blink always. If you want to have a blinking text only in some situations, you can change the 'Enabled' property during runtime.  
Many thanks.

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