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Currently , the items in my vertical list all show up with centered text.  I want them to all line up on the left side.  All of the layout settings i can find, related to the vertical list all seem to be set to align to left and align to top already  so I am not sure where I can make this modification.

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The Layout property of the list determines only how the list itself should behave when its owner is resized. It doesn't affect the layout/alignment of the list items. Finally the list manages the items only without having exact information about the kind of the items. The list thus doesn't know whether and how the items can align their content.

You can, however, set the layout and evtl. alignment for every item explicitly when the item is loaded. The exact settings depend on the particular kind of the item. If you have a list using simple text views, then you can add the following row to the OnLoadItem method:

itemView.Alignment = Views::TextAlignment[ AlignHorzLeft, AlignVertCenter ];

This additional line instructs the the text views (used as list items in this case) to not center horizontally the text. Per default, text views align the text in the center/middle area.




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