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Hi EW,

I am getting a the following message when trying to build my project in embedded wizard studio 8.3.

[12.6.2019  9:52:42] Fatal error Application::PlugIn : Could not convert the language variant 'Default' of the bitmap resource 'Application::PlugIn'. Out of memory exception

Not sure what this means, could you please help

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Just needed to set the formatofbitmparesources to compress. Every day a learning day!!

the error message indicates a problem in memory management in Embedded Wizard Studio tool. If you are still able to reproduce the problem, can you send us your project incl. the used image resources? I would try to analyse the cause of the problem. You can send it to support@embedded-wizard.de.

Important, the error has no impact on the resulting application running in target system. It affects only the Embedded Wizard Studio tool.

Best regards

Paul banach

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