Can we use outside software to control the interface switch and interact which designed by EW tool?

asked Jun 30, 2019 in Platform Packages by xhcyf
Due to UI is complex, we plan to use MBD to design stateflow and related logics, and use Embedded Wizard to design UI interface except interface switch and interact. is it possible? if it's possible, how to do this?

for examples: I designed two pages, and I hope outside software can switch the page and send the value to related objects in the page.

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answered Jul 1, 2019 by Paul Banach


if you prefer, you can implement all the state logic in C/C++ code. With Embedded Wizard you design the GUI components only. Both the C and GUI code can be mixed together. This is similar to how you exchange data between GUI and the remaining application code. You can invoke GUI methods from the C code. You can invoke C functions from the GUI code.

How you integrate GUI with your remaining aplication is described in Integrating with the device and Device Class and Device Driver.

Anyway, moving the logic to C will not simplify the implementation of your application. In any cases you will need to implement all the logic code. Doing this in C, however, will make this task much more difficult. You will nee to take care of additional aspects like handling of user events, state management of GUI components, screen transitions, ... These aspects are already handled internally by the functionality provided with Embedded Wizard.

Doing this will also prevent you from being able to test and debug the application in Embedded Wizard Studio. Should you decide to port the GUI to a new target system, you will need to adapt the C code accordingly. Using WebGL as target system (e.g. for demonstration pourpose) will not work anyway unless you implement your entire state logic in JavaScript.

Best regards

Paul Banach

commented Jul 2, 2019 by xhcyf

Hello Paul, thanks for your reply and explain, I attached a picture about my proposal. Due to logics are complex, my proposal is to use MBD to design and simulate the user interaction and state transition. and EW is only to design UI, and only provides the API.



commented Jul 3, 2019 by Paul Banach

of course, you can do this. However, I suspect that this will be a difficult task. Nevertheless Embedded Wizard was developed with the focus on being suitable for complex applications with extensive logic, navigation and state management. Third-party tools to implement GUI logic are not required.

Best regards
Paul Banach

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