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Hi EW,

I would use a virtual keyboard (VK) and I saw the template "AlphaNumKeyboard".

This VK is very simple, do you have an example/template more sofisticaded, where the accented letters or special letters appear pressing a key in the VK like in the Android VK (see img below)?



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Hello Gianluca,

such example is not available. To create the keyboard as descibed in your question it would be necessary to:

- Create an additional GUI component intended to show the character variants arranged side by side. This is a kind of popup screen.

- In the virtual keyboard component show the popup component dynamically when the user presses and holds a key.

- React on touch event in the popup screen.

- Hide the popup screen when the user finished the touch interaction or moved the finger to other key.

Our templates are intentionally kept simple. Developers have usually very individual and different design expectations. Making the templates too sophisticated would overload them. Our approach is to provide simple templates, the developer can extend/modify according to his/her needs.

Best regards

Paul Banach

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