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Hi All,

Our custom board (very similar to STM32F429 evaluation board) hangs on startup at the Create Embedded Wizard Viewport stage. I also noticed that system clock speed  my be wrong, since  I had to reduce  the baud rate settings in the the terminal program to able able to read the output from the comms port (otherwise it was gibberish). The LCD just appears white. It says OK to all previous initializatin stages with the exception of the Touch Driver which I bypassed.

Any suggestion on how I might proceed forward would be very helpful. Hardware is working since I just switched back to previous GUI and it is still working.


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Hi Mike,

first of all, you should try to get a proper system clock configuration - otherwise all further steps do not make much sense. Try to figure out the differences between your hardware and the STM32F429 Eval board and try to adjust the clock settings.

Then, please ensure that the SDRAM is working properly - this can be done by using the SDRAM memory test.

If you still have some startup problems, please post the log that you receive via serial connection and your makefile / project configuration.

Best regards,


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Hi Manfred,

Thanks I got it all working yesterday  and  I am now working on figuring out the  system clock discrepancy plus a  Hard Fault when I turn on my timer3 interrupt.



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