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asked Jul 19, 2019 in GUI Development by ADR521

Is there a way to the background of this button?

It is from Application::ActionButtonIcons. There are options for green, white and shades of gray. 


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answered Jul 21, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer


first of all, the class Application::ActionButtonIcons is not part of the Mosaic framework - it seems to be an item (a GUI component) of your project.

I assume that you are using one of the provdided widgets, e.g. the Push Button widget. Please have a look to the section Customize your own Push Button in order to adapt your Push Button according your design ideas.

I hope this helps...

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commented Jul 22, 2019 by ADR521

Thank you for your prompt answer. I was able to configure the push button to look like this:

I would like the background to be red by default and then when it is activated have it be gray. The icon "X" is working correctly where when selected it turns red. Here are my settings in PushButtonConfig.  Thanks again!




commented Jul 24, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer


currently you are trying to colorize one alpha-only bitmap with two different colors at the same time - which cannot work.

In your case, you can create colored images for the different states, e.g. one image with a green background and a gray border and one image with a red background and a dark gray X, ... These colored images can be separate images or you can arrange them as mulit-frame image.

Then you can assign these bitmap resources to the properties FaceDefault, FaceActive,... (without using the FaceTintDefault, FaceTintActive,... properties)... see section Specify bitmaps for the Push Buttons face image.

Please note, that there are two different ways of working with bitmaps in widgets: You can either use an alpha-only image, then you can colorize it (with one color) - or you can use colored images. See section Colored vs. alpha-only bitmaps (supported bitmap formats).

Best regards,


commented Jul 24, 2019 by ADR521
Thank you so much for your response. That worked perfectly. I used the second way you mentioned - set the png file as Format = Alpha and colorized dynamically.

Thanks again.

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