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Hi Team,

We are facing a issue that the system enters into panic while navigating into a menu.

while debugging we found that the system enters panic from function "EwNewObjectIndirect".

 the function "EwNewObjectIndirect"allocates memory for a new instance of the specified class aClass and initializes the object properly.

in our case when we try to navigate upto 3 submenu levels there is no panic issue it works fine.

but when we try tio navigate uptp 4 submenu levels for 2 to 3 times then it goes to panic.

is there a possiblity that the memory reserved by "EwNewObjectIndirect" for new object is not getting cleared after update is called?

is there a way we can resolve this?



Chaitra S G

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Hello Chaitra,

as long as there is no reference from any GUI component (or any variable, property, etc...) to a certain GUI component it will be removed by the Garbage Collector. To answer your question: No, there is no possibility that a memory allocated by EwNewObjectIndirect() is not freed by the Garbage Collector if it is no more in use.

Anyway, in order to find the root cause: Instead of debugging through the internals, please try to use the EwPrintProfilerStatistic() function within your main loop and let me know the outputs - especially before the Panic happens. This will give a good overview of the current memory situtation. Additionally, the printed messages at the beginning of the application are helpful.

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Manfred,

Thanks your your support.

we are getting below panic error "Err02 "Can not create an object. Out of memory."

can you suggest us ways whic we can resolve this error?



Chaitra S G
Hello Chaitra,

please post the complete startup message that you receive via serial connection and please post the output of the profiler statistic before the error happens.

This will show the details about your system and the details about the memory consumption before the error happens.

Otherwise it is not possible to give any helpful advice...

Best regards,

Additional remark: What is the stack size that you provide within your project? Are you using an operating system - if yes, what is the stack size for the GUI task?

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