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What are the necessary steps to get my first Embedded Wizard UI application up and running on an STM32F769 Discovery board?

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The article Getting started with STM32F769 Discovery is now part of our online documentation.

This article explains all necessary steps in order to create an Embedded Wizard UI application suitable for the STM32F769 Discovery board.



Here is my problem : I can't find the Embedded Wizard STM32Fx Platform Package !

I mean, I serch for it everywhere (Installation folder, EW website, google) but there is no indication where I can find it.

I probably missed somthing, so please give some clue !



after you registered yourself for the free Evaluation Edition of Embedded Wizard you will see a wep page (and you will receive an email) where you can download the following items:

  • Embedded Wizard Studio (Evaluation Edition)
  • Embedded Wizard Platform Package for STM32Fx
  • Embedded Wizard Build Environment for STM32F769 Discovery Board

All three components are necessary...

Thank you for the quik answer. Don't know how I missed those links...

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I was successful to run the example UI. But, while making my own UI similar to example (using template given), I was successful to run prototyper and build the project. But I encountered lot of errors when I trying to make it from batch file (I navigated to template folder before I typed make).
Most of the errors are related to "declaration for parameter" in the file "../PlatfromPackage/RTE/ewrte.h"

Could you please help me on this?

Thank You
I resolved it. I was supposed to select proper target while building it.

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