How can I integrate an STM32Cube project

asked Aug 13, 2019 in System Integration by elelup9
I'm trying to use the Embedded wizard with an stm32f746g-Discovery Board and I want to use the GPIO arduino Uno pins on the board as a digital input and output which i would need to use an STM32cube project to configure. Is there any way to integrate the STM32Cube project and an embedded wizard Project to do this?

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answered Aug 14, 2019 by Tim Zierer



first of all, which software from ST do you exactly mean with STM32Cube?

ST provides 'STM32CubeIDE' and 'STM32CubeMX'. 

STM32CubeIDE replaced Atollic TrueSTUDIO as standard ST IDE and STM32CubeMX is a tool that helps to configure the Pinout, Clock etc.


When I know that, I'll can give you more advice.


Thank you!


Kind regards,


commented Aug 24, 2019 by furynick
I think (hope) he means STM32CubeIDE, I have the same question.
commented Aug 27, 2019 by elelup9
Yes, I mean STM32CubeIDE, sorry for the wait.
commented Sep 5, 2019 by Tim Zierer

Hi all!


I'm so sorry for the later answer too, but I have used the time to made a guide for the new STM32CubeIDE.

Therefore please take a look into this thread:

How to use the TrueSTUDIO project with STM32CubeIDE?


Best regards


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