Can files be ran on a full Raspbian install and what other ways are there to transfer files to RaspberryPi?

asked Sep 21, 2019 in Platform Packages by 15melazza
I have a few questions but they all relate to one another.

Q1.) Can Embedded Wizard GUI files be compiled and ran on a full install of Raspbian?

By this I mean if I was to download the full Desktop GUI version of Raspbian instead of Raspbian Lite and then transfer the files over to a Pi running the full version and connected to an official 7" touchscreen then make / run the binary file would it still be able to handle the touch inputs and the fullscreen GUI?

Q2.) If it is possible to run the GUI on the full Raspbian install are there other ways to transfer files to the Raspberry Pi?

We are having some trouble with ssh and mounting the files due to work network and computer restrictions, so with the full Raspbian desktop and access to a browser is there any other way to transfer the full raspberry pi folder such as via USB, Email, or Dropbox?

Q3.) If there is another way to transfer the file is the compiled EmbeddedWizard-RaspberryPi Binary file the only file that has to be sent or does it have run-time dependencies and require the whole Raspberry Pi folder to be sent?

Thanks in advance!

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answered Sep 23, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer


The compilation of the binary on the Raspberry Pi target using the Raspbian Lite and the data exchange via shared directory is just one possible way - maybe the simplest one... It is described in the document Getting Started with Raspberry Pi. Nevertheless, there are other options - e.g. using a cross compiler to create the binary and then transfer just the binary to the target.

Let me answer your questions:

A1.) Yes, this should be possible - but I did not test it.

A2.) Yes, of course. In case you have setup a cross compiler environment, you do not need a shared directory between PC and Raspi. Then you need only to transfer the binary.

A3.) It is just the binary.

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