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asked Sep 27, 2019 in Embedded Wizard Studio by mangiameli
I want to generate a #define code using the project member "Inline Code".
I have placed the Inline Code within a Unit called Data.
The #define code will be generated in the Data.c file. But I want to have it in the Data.h file.

Is it possible to do this?

Best Regards
Giuseppe Mangiameli

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answered Sep 27, 2019 by Manfred Schweyer

Hello Giuseppe,

as you already found out, the Inline Code member is used to place code into the generated C file - not in the generated H file. The idea is to put some code snippets or #include statments into the generated code.

Can you explain what you finally want to achieve?

Best regards,


commented Sep 30, 2019 by mangiameli
Hello Manfred,

Thank you for your answer.

I have several profiles in my EW project and want to pass #define statements to my IAR project depending on the profile I choose.
I wan't create new profiles in the IAR-Project because I have already a lot.

Meanwhile I have found a solution. I have added an empty unit "Options" which contains only profile dependent inlines.
In the IAR project I added in my main.c file #include "Options.c". With this I achieved what I wanted.

Best Regards
Giuseppe Mangiameli

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