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there is a way to use a Bitmap reource rotate it (90, 180, 270) and use this "new resource" inside a Views::Frame object?

My goal is to avoid to introduce as resources many image that differ only by their rotataion/orientation (simple rotation: 90, 180, 270).



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Hello Gianluca,

you can rotate images during runtime (by using the property Orientation of the class Views::Image) - but this is not available in case of Views::Frame.

In order to make the rotation of a complete component (also a Views::Frame) you can use the class Views::Group and rotate the image of the Group view. However, you need some additional RAM to prepare the image of the group and the rotation is done during runtime.

Please note, if your target device doesn't provide any dedicated graphics hardware for bitmap rotate operation, the operations are performed by the CPU, which may impact the performance of your application significantly if you use this feature extensively.

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